Creating a nation of financial freedom fighters, Efrosyni's leadership has pushed thousands out from the corners of mediocrity into their journey of financial abundance and even leading 5 hungry aspiring entrepreneurs in their 20's towards their first million.

For 15 years Efrosyni worked in the corporate world and was highly sought after by some of the leading companies in the film and media industry having worked and representing various companies from Warner Brothers, to Village Films, MIX FM radio and one of the top Radio PR companies in the UK. During that period she was able to dramatically increase the revenue of various companies and in some cases even quadrupled their revenue within 2 years.

In 2008 she came across the world of free enterprise and embarked on an exciting journey creating a life of true freedom. Through this journey she has been able to set up 3 of her own businesses, 2 of them being in real estate and was able to generate millions in revenue.  However adversity hit and within a short period of time almost lost everything.

This was the second time in Efrosyniʼs life that she was almost bankrupt - but as one of her favourite mentors said: ʻAdversity causes some people to break and some to become record breakers!” Within 3 years she was able to turn things around and is now responsible for creating an organization that generate over $40 million in revenue and growing exponentially in 30 countries. 

When Efrosyni speaks and trains she gets results, she's a dynamic speaker that takes energy to a whole new level.

As a coach and mentor to many she has inspired, empowered crowds to discover their greatness and build their mindset for success.

Having shared the stage with success giants, well-known motivational speaker, life coach/trainer Johnny Wimbrey ( and best selling Author The Unemployed Millionaire- Matt Morris, ( she has trained all over the world, leading seminars addressing thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs. She has inspired those on the shores of Malta, Greece, Israel, Cyprus, Hungary, UK, Sweden, Norway and Australia. 

Efrosyni has become a MUST EXPERIENCE speaker offering training on success, mindset and driving sales.

With Efrosyni your organization will embark on a journey that enables you to truly shine.


Efrosyni's Story

Efrosyni was born into a traditionally middle class Cypriot family, who immigrated to Australia when she was 10 years old for a better future.   The family arrived on the shores of Australia with limited funds and just a suitcase of clothes for their 3 children.  Her parents battled through every challenge to provide for their children and it was Efrosynis parents’ determination and hard work that set the bar high and helped Efrosyni develop her hard work ethic and tireless determination.

She graduated from university with a Bachelor Degree in Business majoring in Marketing & Tourism Management and ran her own business whilst also working in the corporate world from a young age. However the road was not to be an easy one. Efrosyni soon learnt that business could be a cut throat game and just 1 wrong move could set you back tens of thousands of dollars and in some cases even hundreds of thousands.  Learning how to build a solid team and having a strong mentor has been the key to Efrosyni’s success but moreso developing a winning attitude and overcoming adversity.

Through determination and the ability to overcome any challenge that was thrown at her, Efrosyni out worked the corporate world and had set herself free from a boss and achieved financial freedom in her early thirties. She has since then been able to help an organization generate over $40 million in revenue in just over 6 years and as a result help numerous individuals achieve financial freedom.   

Her passion for adventure and overcoming fears have taken her to close to 200 trips in the past 6 years, braving the second highest bungee jump in the world in New Zealand,  cage diving with crocodiles in Zimbabwe, enjoynig safari in Botswana, Skydiving in numerous countries around the world and ziplining at Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe to name just a few.   One of her favourite sayings is “Feel the fear and do it anyway” and its a moto she well and truly lives by.

While Efrosyni has generated millions as an entrepreneur and helped many others do the same, her sense of accomplishment comes not from the money, but through the legacy of impacting lives around the world.   According to Efrosyni, “It’s not about living realistically its about living a life of abundance and empowering others to dream first and then create the same ”.

This is a mission that Efrosyni well and truly stands by "to empower millions of people to live a life of abundance."   


Creating the dream lifestyle

African Safari in Botswana
Budapest, HUNGARY
Efrosyni Alexander the Great, Greece
Efrosyni Cape Leuwin, Australia
Efrosyni Chichen Itza Pyramids, Mexico
Efrosyni Cornwall UK
Efrosyni Elephant Riding in Bali
Efrosyni Feeding Kangaroos in Australia
Efrosyni Hanging our with Cowboys in Dallas
Efrosyni in Charlotte US
Efrosyni in New York
Efrosyni in Rome, Italy
Efrosyni Las Vegas, US
Efrosyni Madrid, Spain
Efrosyni Marina Bay Sands, Singapore
Efrosyni on Wall Street
Efrosyni Parthenon, Athens Greece
Efrosyni Playing WIth Eagles in Budapest, Hungary
Efrosyni Snake Handling in Australia
Efrosyni Swimming with Dolphins, Mexico
Efrosyni Sydney, Australia
Efrosyni Thailand
Gorge Swing in Victoria Falls
Having fun in Venice
Helicopter Ride in Zimbabwe
Efrosyni Playing with Lions in Africa
Helicopter Ride over Grand Canyon
Swimming with Crocodiles
Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Efrosyni on an African Adventure