Do You Need a Coach?  
Many successful athletes over the years have always employed a coach even after they broke world records, people such as Mohammad Ali, the greatest boxer of our time, Tiger Woods one of the best golf players, Michael Jordan who is still arguable the best basketball player in the world.  

Under manager Joe Girardi, the New York Yankees baseball team won their 27th World Series championship title. Girardi has won more than 500 games as a manager.  He shared on how he coaches players on when to listen to their guts and abandon the plan: “If you think too much, you fail, because the game happens too quickly. The key is preparation… The data has to become instinctual. You can’t think about it in the middle of a pitch.”
Although business is not a sport, great coaching is just as important to success in the office as on the field.  Coaching can help you to see the ‘forest’ instead of the trees in your business.   It can help you gain a fresh perspective by looking outside in rather than inside out.  

Why Efrosyni?
If you are looking for sales growth, an increase in productivity, develop customer service skills for your staff and effective leadership/management, then Efrosyni is the right business coach for you.  Efrosyni has coached numerous people on overcoming adversities, helped many to grow their business exponentially and many to live an empowered life of abundance.

Efrosyni always says “ I see better than I hear” and very often will have challenges set for you before you are invited into the select circle of individuals that she chooses to mentor personally.

One of her biggest successes is working with an organization which she helped it grow by US $55 Million in her 7 years of working with them.  Her specialty is being able to help business owners and entrepreneurs to systemize their business and be able to generate a passive income than enables them to have freedom and work on their business rather than in their business.

Efrosyni has 3 key products that she offers for business owners:

Empowered Entrepreneur - 10 weeks
If you are a business owner that is stressed, feels overworked and has challenges sees past the next few months then this is the right product for you.  By the end of this program you will feel empowered, you will be able to clearly see the light at the end of the tunnel, and have become more focused on systems and tools whilst building a stronger foundation for growth.

Freedom Entrepreneur  - 6 Months
If you are a business owner that has a business that is doing well but you want to break through to a higher level then this is the program for you.  Through this program we’ll focus on creating a strong sales force with a solid marketing plan behind that will significantly increase sales.  The program will also enable you to create a more unified organization providing a passive income stream and focused on expansion rather than reaction.  The key thing is through this program to enable the business owner to create freedom by making the business systems and tools dependent.

Dream Life Entrepreneur - 12 months
This program is for the business owner that has BIG goals and goals.  They want to make a mark in their industry and become an authority figure.  By the end of this program they will have created enough Passive income to help them create their dream life. Their business is more systematized their staff more empowered and their revenue has increased dramatically. This program is for business owners that really want to stretch themselves and explode their business- this is not for the faint hearted and you should expect to be challenged.

One on One & Group Coaching
If you’re a business owner and you are looking to improve your business performance then let’s consider the roles that are important for your business success. While businesses are often established off the back of an owner’s technical strengths the business can evolve and potentially outgrow the owner.

Efrosyni’s coaching offers senior executives the opportunity to achieve the following:

  • Build self-confidence and maximise 'leadership presence'.
  • Inspire and motivate followers, creating loyalty and commitment.
  • Develop excellent 'emotional intelligence' - self-awareness, self-management, empathy and relationship-building.
  • Improve interpersonal skills - including influencing, motivating, presenting and resolving conflict.
  • Hone networking and business development skills.
  • Increase capacity to influence and obtain real 'buy-in' from stake-holders.
  • Build high-performance teams that are truly 'more than the sum of their parts'.
  • Performance-manage effectively through the ability to have 'difficult conversations' and to recognise and acknowledge success.
  • Coach and mentor for performance and development.
  • Be able to build and develop leaders within your organization.

Efrosyni with some of her Mentors