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Business cycle waits for no-one, business owners need to understand, “Who does their business need them to be?” If business owners invest time and effort on actions that do not drive their business performance and help competitive advantage in the entire business cycle then they could fail to set the business up for success.

Every company wants a lifelong customer and not just a quick sale. Efrosyni’s understanding of communication and relationship building in sales is second to none.  She really provides your team with the development they need to grow on a professional and personal level.

Imagine a sales team that is drumming to the same beat, customers who are loyal to your company, and employees that stick around and a continuous growth in income.

For the 15 years that Efrosyni worked in the corporate world she was highly sought after by leading companies in the film and media industry.  During that time her primary roles were in Sales and Marketing roles. In all of the companies she has worked for she has successfuly worked her way to the top roles and has always been successful in dramatically increasing the revenue of the companies and in some cases even quadriple it within a short period of time. 

Her biggest achievement so far is helping create an organization of over 150,000 sales reps within a period of 7 years generating in excess of $55 million and growing rapidly. 

The power of a good sales team and strong loyal organization within a winning attitude should never be under estimated and that’s why companies put their trust in Efrosyni. 

Transform your sales team to high producers with lasting results. 

Efrosyni provides training for your entire organization from teaching sales strategies to empowering those with leadership positions.  Efrosyni will lead your employees into results driven action by helping you create a culture and a working environment that enhances productivity and whilst enhancing on the core values of the organization. .
When Efrosyni speaks and trains she gets results, she's a dynamic speaker that takes energy to a whole new level.


Efrosyni Speaking